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About JustAarogyam

JustAarogyam is all about making healthcare most accessible and available

Find a Doctor

Now quickly search for a doctor in the vicinity, filter search results by location, speciality, clinic and areas of interest and get quicker, precise information.

Book an Appointment

Standing in queues to get a doctor's appointment is pass! enables you to view your doctor's calendar, see available time-slots for appointments

Manage Your Health Records Online

Remember those bulky folders you maintained to keep a record of the health of your family? You need them no more! enables you to store

Discounted Healthcare at your Door-Step is conceptualized and developed with a vision to bring healthcare services to your door-step. Now get lab tests done at home and diagnostic

Easy-to-use Mobile App is also available as an easy-to-use mobile app ensuring that you have access to the system on the go! Life just got simpler and mobile

Receive Automated Alerts

Have a doctor's appointment? Don't worry about missing it! Get SMS/ Email alerts regarding appointments and other communication and always stay in-tune

Monitor your vitals using Smart Devices

Now keep a check on your vitals on-the-go. integrates well with wearable devices and health & fitness apps, enabling you to share your

Your Data is Secure

You can pick and choose who can view your medical records. comes with in-built access controls which make your data visible only to those

Track your Health Trends

Get more insights through our analytics! enables you to monitor your vitals and the trends recorded over a period of time, thus giving you

24 X 7 Access to the Ecosystem

Staying connected just got to another level! No matter what time of the day, irrespective of where you are, you are always connected to the service providers

Our Advantages

Just Aarogyam allows an individual to access all the healthcare collaterals committed by a single application

  • Find A Doctor: Quickly search for doctors, chemists, diagnostics centers and more in the vicinity
  • Book an Appointment: Now fix your appointments with your doctor yourself through a simple UI
  • Manage Health Records Online: Go paperless! Store & share allergies, past medical records, case papers and prescriptions
  • Healthcare at Your Door-step: Get medicines, diagnostic results and lab tests done from the comfort of your home!
  • Discounted Services: Pay less for more! Get medicines, lab tests, x-rays and more at discounted rates through affiliated healthcare providers.
  • Monitor vitals using smart devices: Use JustAarogyam with your smart devices and keep a closer check on your vitals on the go!
  • Trending health: Track vitals such as blood pressure & heart rate and monitor trends over time
  • 24X7 Access to ecosystem: Stay connected with healthcare providers all the time
  • Your data is secure: Now share your data with only those whom you choose
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App: All these features in an easy-to-use mobile app. Life just got simpler and faster!

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